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One step closer to freedom: I was able to explore more possibilities with investing.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but it seems to me that there is a certain way we should live our life. 

It goes like this: 

We study hard. We find a good job. We save up money from our job. We save up enough money to buy a house. We continue working hard to afford our mortgage payments. Life goes on. 

If you work hard enough, eventually you’ll save up enough funds to buy a second house. Or you could start your own business. Your income would then increase gradually, and your burden is uplifted concurrently. 

That’s the whole equation we’ve been taught since we were young, but is that really the way to a financially burden-free, comfortable life? 

Unfortunately, that’s not the whole picture. 

If getting good grades, getting into college and finding a good job while saving up enough money is the way to financial success – then most people would be filthy rich. 

But you and me know that’s not true. 

There’s simply too much going on in this world – too much desires, too much wants, too much distractions.

Financial success aside, even saving up for 3 months of emergency funds can be an issue to most.

Spark Liang

This is SPARK here. I’ve passed Malaysia Registered Financial Planner (RFP) exam, I’m a Personal Finance coach, and a content creator with over half a million followers on my YouTube and Facebook.

Founder of ValueInMind

Throughout my years in coaching and speaking, I kept getting the same questions over and over again on money, finance & investing from my audiences.

I still remember someone came from the audience after my presentation with tears in his eyes...

He was 35 years old and he admitted that because he didn’t plan his finances properly, he was extremely tied up in debt, loans and can’t seem to save a single cent every month. 

He was smart, talented & had a good job, good career but just didn’t know where to start.

He wanted to be financially free & he knew it was possible for him but he just needed the right advice. 

Since then I discovered, many people don’t have savings even they have a high income, or they only save their money in the bank. They didn’t know how to grow their wealth, make their money work for them. Thus, falling into rat-race.

That’s why,

I created this 14 days Personal Finance Bootcamp

What Our Previous Graduates Are Saying

Jasper CL
Jasper CL
Very insightful lesson which changed my perspective on financial management and investment. Extremely helpful tutors and group leads in answering questions and awesome guidance
Chua Shin Cheng
Chua Shin Cheng
I have learned alot from the Personal Finance Bootcamp. I think personal finance management is a must learn for everyone. It helps one to better plan and avoid falling into financial burden. The course explains it well. Highly recommended!
Clement Chong
Clement Chong
Well structured course. Highly recommended especially for beginners. It is a good chance to enhance your knowledge related to personal finance.
Xenon Lth
Xenon Lth
The Personal Finance Bootcamp 001 is a basic living knowledge which everyone must acquire. Thank you ValueinMind Academy for having this course! 👍

If you're one of the following four, probably.

Totally Clueless

Confused about all this talk about personal finance and investment

So Fed Up

You're tired of working and hustling. All you want now is to retire early and live your life.

Financially Stuck

There's always something getting in the way of your saving plan. Be it a mortgage payment or your car loan.

The Working Poor

You live paycheck to paycheck and you have no idea where you've spent your money. No idea at all.


The Proven 5-Step Wealth Model

that will help you save more money,
protect your wealth, and start investing

Here's Exactly What You're Getting in this
14-Day Personal Finance Bootcamp


14 Day Course Content In Videos, Podcasts And Reading Materials

Unlimited access to all course materials, anywhere, anytime.


14 Day Live Sharing by Class Instructor

During the 14-day long Bootcamp, an instructor will conduct additional sharing sessions, on top of your online learning materials in the learning group. Real-life examples and case studies will be provided to help you better understand the concepts you’re learning.


1-on-1 Learning Assistant

We will assign a learning assistant to each of our students to guide and assist them on a 1-on-1 basis throughout the 14-day long Bootcamp


Curated collection of notes and book summaries on personal finance and investment related subjects

You’ll receive a graduation gift basket packed full of knowledge, consisting of a curated selection of notes and book summaries on investment and personal finance-related topics (including “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, etc)


Bring Home Free Books

During the class, the instructor will give free books to the students, these books are carefully selected by Spark! They are all very good books, guaranteed to change your outlook on life~




This is a full online course, which means that you can have no time and place restrictions. No matter where you are, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Australia. As long as you have a network, you can Take this course.

This course takes 14 days to complete. 

Our method works for me, and more than 2500 students find it effective, so of course it works for you too!

We provide a 7-day money-back guarantee for our Personal Finance Bootcamp. Just email us at [email protected] and our team will provide you a full refund.

Please be assured, we are delivering this course in the simplest way possible to make sure every starter like you can understand and absorb 100% of it. In another word, it is a beginner-friendly course!

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

While we’re confident in the quality and content of our courses as our team spends hours and hours to perfect it, we get that sometimes, it’s just not meant to be. If, after starting the course, you realize that this is not for you, fret not as we have a 7-day money-back guarantee. You just need to contact us at [email protected] within 7 days after the course has commenced and we will refund you in full.

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