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Here’s The Complete Investment System I Personally Use To Achieve 20%… 30%… & even up to 60% Returns In A Single Year

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20 Minutes Everyday

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Virtual Learning

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What if you could generate a consistent stream of passive income in amounts of USD500… USD1000… or even USD3000… Entering into your bank account every month?

 Or being able to make stock picks that could turn a small USD1000 investment into USD7050, USD9700 or even USD10,670?

And just like some of my students… with this unique investment strategy, you can be on your way to building your very own million dollar portfolio and finally retire early.

The same system relied upon by…

Billionaires, Multi Millionaires & the World’s Biggest Investment Funds for protecting & growing their gigantic wealth.

And the same investment strategy that is able to bring in FAR higher returns than 90% of mutual funds all around the world.

And one by one… many of my students are already making their first USD1,000, USD5,000 and even USD10,000 in an incredibly short period of time.

Thanks to this unique strategy.

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What If You Invested $10,000 In The Right Stocks 10 Years Ago?
If you had invested in Amazon just 10 years ago, you would have made a whopping $100,670 USD.
You would have made $90,700 USD if you invested $10,000 USD in Facebook.
And you would have made another $70,500 USD if you invested $10,000 USD in Apple 10 years ago.

And That’s Just 10 Years Ago…

We  are living in different times now.

It’s easy to think that it’s just the recent health scare that’s caused all this crazy times, but honestly that was just a trigger…  But we were already heading to much crazier, more turbulent times even before that…  And the virus simply accelerated all of these different factors that’s been cooking up all these years.  For example, major financial news portals like Forbes, Euromoney & WealthX are citing the same phenomenon and have all been saying the same thing in the past year… 

The greatest wealth transfer in history will take place over the next three years. – Forbes.com

Washington-based investment manager United Income reckons $36 trillion will be transferred by baby boomers to their children in the US alone by mid-century. Euromoney.com 

Half of the world’s UHNW individuals with assets of at least US$30 million are expected to pass on their wealth in the coming three decades.  – WealthX.com

We’re In The Middle of The Biggest Wealth Transfers In History

The last time this happened was in the US during the 1940s when the Baby Boomers benefited from the War & other factors like financial deregulation, globalization, and skyrocketing stock prices. 

And the next time this can happen in history might take another 100 years to arrive… 

Unless we enter another round of war which is highly unlikely if you ask me… 

You can already see the beginning movements in the S&P 500 – the share market that’s indexed to the 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies in the country. 

Just take a look at the graph below… 

It now sits at $3,943.34, the highest it has EVER been in
the whole history of the S&P 500 

It’s Happening In Asia Too
Here’s a summarized passage from a recently published white paper by Hubbis in collaboration with Jersey Finance: 

“ …in the decade ahead, 

there will be a vast transfer of trillions of dollars in wealth 

from Asia’s elderly to the younger generations.”

Hubbis.com, a source considered as the gold standard for the top-tier inside scoops on wealth management in Asia has also released a very interesting report on this. 

In the world of wealth management, these guys are trusted by high-profile C-suite leaders from global private banks, wealth management firms, and independent asset management firms. 

And by now you may be asking yourself… 

That’s because what this means is that there is about to be a whole wave of wealth & money about to pour into the markets And more money in the markets means more companies pouring billions of dollars into the markets and which means…
But Why Should I Care? 

That’s because what this means is that there is about to be a whole wave of wealth & money about to pour into the markets… 

And more money in the markets means more companies pouring billions of dollars into the markets and which means…

More Opportunities 

Basically, this means this is one of the GOLDEN opportunity moments for people like you and me. 

And because of the recent pandemic…

It has caused this whole wealth transfer phenomenon to EXPLODE. 

Investing has even become the new ‘normal’ for young people all over the world. 

And it’s not just the US, you can see this normalization of stock trading all over the world… 

I’m quite sure you have had a few friends ask you to join a “stock picking” trading telegram group chat like it’s not a big deal. 

50 years ago, investing in stocks was something only the higher ups & something viewed as reserved for the elites. 

Today, that is changing EXTREMELY fast and 100s and 1000s of young millennials aged 25-35 all over the world are getting into the stock market trying to make a profit. 

And I think it’s time for you to claim your slice of the pie. 

My Name is Spark. 

And just like you, I had a dream of becoming rich & financially independent so I can live life on my own terms. 

No longer worry about the bills, or how much food costs when we go out to eat, or having to worry about money when going out for vacation. 

And when I took my first step into the working world, I gave myself a goal – to save a RM100,000 ringgit.

Most of our parents taught us that there are only 3 steps to building wealth, just like mine. 

Study hard, work hard, and save money.

So I calculated how long it’ll take me to complete this goal.

Then I took a look at my income… And I was making only a measly RM2,300.

That’s because what this means is that there is about to be a whole wave of wealth & money about to pour into the markets… 

And more money in the markets means more companies pouring billions of dollars into the markets and which means…

After taking away EPF and SOCSO, there was only RM2000 left. 

Now minus my sky-high living expenses, transportation expenses, and all the other debts & loans. 

At the end of the day, I could only invest about RM300-500 every month. 

And with that kind of money, do you know how long it will take to save RM 100,000 ?

Here, I did the math for you. 

Target Savings: RM100K

Current Monthly Savings: RM500

Yes, that’s 16 Years and 7 Months

You can imagine the excitement of my younger self instantly disappearing, in the blink of an eye. 

That was when I felt the hard hit of reality.

Life wasn’t going to be as I thought it was in school & college… 

Listening to the traditional path of my parents, of society or the government was not going to make me rich either. 

In fact, if I listen to them it would only mean I would get permanently stuck in the never ending cycle of 

Working harder to make more money… 

And buying more things, getting into different loans…

And working even harder to pay off the debts & loans… 

So when am I supposed to get rich & finally live a life of financial freedom? 

We live in such a different world today. 

Everyone knows you don’t need a degree, a rich background or any special talents to be financially free. 

I was seeing my own classmates, colleagues and random youngsters on the internet becoming overnight millionaires on the internet. 

Everyday, you hear about all these opportunities left and right… and it even got me thinking… 

Am I Crazy? What Am I Not Seeing Here? 

So I started looking at my options… 


Things like Forex & active trading are extremely risky and it takes up crazy hours. I personally know friends of mine who are making good money but they do not have a life. Everyday is spent looking at charts and stressful over their trades. 

Those people that show you their lifestyle are making their money with cheap courses & borderline scam programs. 


This was a pure nightmare. In the long term it does make sense but if you make even 1 wrong move in the start of your journey, you are DOOMED with hundreds of thousands in loans. 

I have heard so many horror stories of people choosing the loans with too high interest rates, buying a house with unexpected extremely expensive bills & having their CICO score be so bad, they can no longer get even a proper personal loan… 

Fixed Deposit? 

Even if you can save up RM10,000 per year, without any investments, it would take you a 100 years to earn RM1 million.

With miserable low interest rates as 2%, you would need 57 years to reach RM1 million.

Now if you include inflation, you realize that your money is actually worth LESS than what is now. So by putting in FD, its the same as 3-4% of your money every year. 

According to a survey by Statista, the world’s average inflation rate is 3.2%, while Malaysia’s is 3.8%. 

Insurance or Unit Trusts? 

The sales people have very sweet mouths & will go to very far lengths to get your money. It’s the same issue as FD, interest rates are horribly low & because of the sales reps looking to get their commission, they are going to hook you onto the highest package available. 

If unit trusts really make as much money as they promise you, wouldn’t they already be working for themselves? Or selling to people with more money in the bank?

The Logical Answer Was Getting Into The Stock Market

The answer was very easy to me, you didn’t need any fancy financial degree or license to begin investing, the barriers to entry are extremely low… and it only takes a few hundred dollars to start right away! 

I Threw Myself Into Learning Everything I Could On Stocks From The Best In The Industry

I started buying all the books I could get my hands on and online courses. 

I also went to as many physical courses I could to learn more. Events like Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author ‘s Symposium. 

I also went to learn from the world’s most powerful value investing gurus -Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, Warren Edward Buffett, the god of stocks, and Howard Marks, a value investing guru. 

And today I can say that I have achieved the dream & on the way to pursuing bigger goals. 

I have an average of about USD 5M assets just on Etoro. 

In just two years, I’ve accumulated more than 30 million total video views on the topic of finance and regularly invited to national financial events as a guest speaker. 

In 2018, there were 8 stocks in my portfolio. In 2019, I only bought 1 stock.

My return in 2019 is 46.65%, and my return in 2020 is 60.80%

But things were extremely difficult in the beginning… 

I lost a LOT of money when I first started. 

And made a LOT of beginner mistakes: 

Things like choosing really bad, unprofitable & low quality stocks because I listened to my friends rumours & ‘hearsay’ advice. 

I would read a random report on the newspaper and make a rushed decision. 

I would buy when the price is too high just because there was a lot of buzz over it. 

Then I would sell when the price is too low because I didn’t understand market cycles.  

Basically, I was making my decisions not based on sound analysis or proper judgement. 

They were based on greed, impatience & having a ‘all-in’ mentality. 

I was thinking of getting rich quick, how can I make the fastest profit overnight & become an instant millionaire. 

And this is similar to how most people treat the stock market. 

Because 99% of people treat the stock market like gambling.
Investing Mistake #1 
Going ‘All-In’ With Their Money

When people put all of their money & savings into a single stock, that’s a sure sign that they have no idea what they’re doing. 

It’s too overwhelming to do the proper research into the prospects of the company, to check their financials to see if they are really set for growth or simply overpriced. 

So, to cope with the anxiety, they go all-in in the hopes that they will hit a jackpot. 

And things don’t work that way. 

It’s about how long you can stay in the game and how many bullets you have in store to invest in opportunities as they come.

Investing Mistake #2
Investing In Companies They Don’t Know

Other than going all-in, another extremely common mistake is investing in stocks with names they don’t recognize. 

After going through the strategy I am about to show you, you’ll know that you can make just as much money by investing in industries you KNOW.

If not, at least you have a system that takes away most of the risk you take on by investing in an unknown company.

But what most people do is they’re throwing everything at the wall & praying that something sticks.

They don’t have a proper system on short-listing the right stocks, a method to evaluate the exact signs of what is a quality, highly profitable company that is going to blow up in value or care to think about a long term strategy.

Hundred of companies make an explosive jump in value every single year and the newspapers only cover a tiny fraction of these companies…

Investing Mistake #3
The ‘Quick Profits’ Mindset

It’s always easy to think that you would be able to have a huge amount of success if only you had enough money.

But the hard reality is that managing a portfolio of RM10,000 is extremely different from managing a portfolio of RM100,000 or more.

When casual investors suddenly make a good profit from their stock pick out of pure luck.

They won’t be able to keep that capital…

For 99% of people, it would only be a few days before they lose all that money in a matter of weeks or months.

They place it into another stock without much research and the company drops in value – losing 90% of their capital overnight.

Or they cash out & spend it on material things thinking they can repeat the same thing. 

It’s the same reason 70% of lottery winners end up going broke, filing for bankruptcy or have extremely low savings and take on dangerously high levels of debt.

Even business owners have the same problem.

“ …some entrepreneurs will hit it big with a launch or major deal and then just a year later find out they’ve neglected taxes, depleted their savings and have to start all over from scratch…”

 – Why Getting Rich Quick Can Mean Going Broke Fast, Entrepreneur.com

And again… 

People are only making these mistakes because they have NO idea what to do. 

There’s a million different articles online and everyone they talk to about stocks is telling them 100 different things on how to invest. 

Are you noticing a pattern here? 

People Treat Investing Like Gambling Because They Are Overwhelmed


There’s over 600,000 companies listed in the markets alone. 

A company’s annual report can reach up to 500 pages. Now that’s just the annual report, then there’s the financials of the company. 

The income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statements – there’s also 4 quarters in a year so companies have to publish a separate report for each separate quarter. 

Now you have to research the company’s other fundamentals  like the reputation of the management and the business aspects of the company. 

You also have to keep an eye out for the latest projects, and continue monitoring the same company to see if the project actually passes through. 

Plus, you have to take note of the government’s stance on things, how’s the political climate like, how are the current laws for the company, Is it favorable or is it not? 

I can go on and on… 

But you get the point. 

Without a system, you’re digging your own grave. 

Which is why we advocate a different approach… 

Simplicity Is The Answer 

Imagine having an extremely clear system on how to evaluate a company that takes you up to 15 minutes a day. 

Being able to look at a whole spreadsheet of numbers and be able to easily tell whether the company’s financials & profitability makes sense. 

To be able to type the EXACT search terms in the news, to know where to go to find everything you need to know for researching the company’s fundamentals. 

To know exactly what to look for in the stock charts. 

This is the power of simplification. 

At the end of the day, getting rich is a matter of keeping things as simple as you possibly can. 

Think about it, everyone has the same 24 hours in life, how are things so different for the rich and successful compared to everyone else? 

The answer is systems & processes, they have a simplified, proven way of approaching things so they’re able to make high quality, profitable decisions in very little time. 

Just take a look at some of the world’s richest stock portfolios: 

Mohnish Pabrai is a legendary value investor who manages over $420m in funds for Pabrai Investments Funds. 

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world with over $100b in net worth & has over 60% of his wealth in stocks. 

And Charlie Munger, Warren Buffets billionaire partner at Berkshire Hathaway.

Realize how simple these guys keep it? 

When you are no longer overwhelmed… 

You start to make smarter decisions. 

Instead of relying on emotions, luck & ‘hearsay’? 

You’re making decisions based on sound analysis, due diligence and from an extremely informed position. 

And you’re able to do that because you have all the right tools in your hand

Simplification Benefit #1

Confidence In Your Decisions

With the right systems & knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently choose stocks.

You won’t have to go ‘all-in’ with your capital…

And you can sleep at night knowing every decision you made is totally safe because you’ve implemented the exact same principles of safety that are the same protocols banks, investment houses and major billionaires used to protect their own wealth.

Which means, you’ll be able to consistently invest in the next Amazon, Facebook or Apple as many times as you like, in as many different companies as you like.

EVEN if you don’t have much to invest right now.

Simplification Benefit #2

Financial Freedom

Once you no longer start treating the stock market like a casino, you begin making smart decisions. 

These are the opportunities that don’t make sense to you before you have the right set of tools in place. They’re not overnight, flashy ‘quick profits’ but they give you a consistent stream of steady income.

You’ll learn exactly how to do this and begin generating a smooth stream of passive income in the amounts of USD500, USD1000 & even USD3000 every single month. 

How different would life be like for you with this sort of cash flow?

Simplification Benefit #3

The Ability To Build Real Wealth

There’s a reason I said managing a USD10,000 portfolio is extremely different from a USD100,000 portfolio. 

If your mistakes would cost you tens of thousands of money that you might not be able to make back for 5-10 more years… it can really take a toll on your mental state. 

Now imagine having the right protocols, backups and applying the top-of-the-line tactics used by the world’s leading fund managers & UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) for your own portfolio. 

Imagine having all of that in your hands right now.

It gives you the ability to minimize the thousands of dollars in taxes, hidden fees, commissions & charges by fund managers or lawyers. 

It also gives you a bulletproof strategy in place to reduce loss, maximize profits & the best way to manage your portfolio such that you’re basically putting your money to work for you. 

While you sleep, your money is generating 10%, 20% or even 30% in yearly gains thanks to this new set of tools in your hands. 

What kind of a neighborhood would you live in if you made that kind of money in 10 years time? 

What school would you send your kids to? 

What restaurants and bars will you start visiting? 


The Power of $1000 

Now you understand the power of simplicity. 

But some of you might still be heavily overlooking your ability to generate real wealth. 

What most people don’t realize is that once you understand the fundamentals of stock investing… 

You only need one stock to retire you for life. 

Here’s what investing just $1000 5 years ago in these companies would have brought you today: 

If you invested $1000 USD in Elon Musk’s automobile company Tesla 5 Years Ago 

You’d have $13,740 USD today.

If you invested $10,000 USD, you would have $130,740 USD today.

If you invested  $1000 USD in the semiconductor giant company 5 Years Ago, 

You’d have $28,236 USD today. 

If you invested $10,000 USD, you would have $282,360 USD today.

If you invested $1000 USD in the incredibly innovative eCommerce software platform company 5 Years Ago, 

You’d have $39,997 USD today. 

If you invested $10,000 USD, you would have $399,970 USD today.

I know these are big numbers and I do not show you this to promise that you will achieve these exact figures… 

This is what I meant when I mentioned about the world of possibilities. 

This philosophy is the secret to my personal success & the success of hundreds of my students… 

It lies at the heart of my investment strategy that I personally use & teach. 

And you have a chance to take it now. 


3 Week Investment Mindset Bootcamp


Day 1 – Day 7 

Understanding The Fundamentals

Everything You Need To Know Before Investing A Single Dollar 

  • How To Easily Perform a Risk Assessment On Companies In Just Under An Hour (Economic Risk, Political Risk, etc)

  • The Mindset Block That Causes 99% of Beginner Investors To Lose All Of Their Capital Overnight

  • Why The Rich Are Able To Make Investments With Extremely Low Risk

  • Things You MUST Know About The Markets

  • Getting Rich Has Nothing To Do With Stocks. How People Like Warren Buffett Actually Make Their Money

Day 8 – Day 14 

The Complete Investing Blueprint 

How To Consistently Identify High Quality Stocks And Know The Exact Price Points To Buy or Sell For Maximum Profit

  • Financial Insider Tricks to Understanding a Company’s Real Earning Power (Most Companies “Window-Dress” Their Accounts to Look Good to Investors)

  • A Simple System To Easily Choose High Quality Companies That Are Waiting To Explode In Value

  • How You’re Supposed to Read Financial Statements Without Hours of Unnecessary Analyzing

  • Using The 3G2H Profit Indicators Rule To Instantly Tell If A Company Is Really Profitable Or Not (It only takes 3 minutes)

  • Understanding The Different Price Signals To Know Exactly When To Buy

  • If a Company Is Showing One Of These 3 Danger Signs, You Need To Sell As Soon As Possible

  • Why This Is The WRONG Way To Use Technical Analysis

  • & More… 

Day 15 – Day 21

Secrets of Building A Million-Dollar Portfolio From Scratch

How To Protect & Grow Your Wealth For The Long Term 

  • Why Investing with a RM10,000 Portfolio is a totally different game than with a RM100,000 Portfolio 

  • How To Implement A Portfolio Management Strategy That Effectively Makes Your Money Work For You 
  • Proven Strategies to Bulletproof Your Wealth So It Continually Generates Profits For You No Matter How The Economy Is Doing 
  • Why Diversification Is A BAD Idea Unless You Understand These Money Management Rules

  • Designing Your Portfolio So You Can Take Full Advantage of ‘The Snowball Effect’
This Bootcamp Has Been Taken By 1000s of Students 

Why Is This Bootcamp So Effective?

We actually have a whole team dedicated to this bootcamp so that every student is taken care of. 

This isn’t your generic ‘Get Rich Overnight’ course. 

When people look at millennials, or Gen Z… 

They see lazy, entitled snowflakes who think the world owes them something. 

But in my experience this is NOT the case.  

When I worked face-to-face with these amazing people? What I saw is the complete opposite: 

They were honest & hard working employees, freelancers & entrepreneurs who wish only the best for them and other people around them. 

They were responsible adults with genuinely good intentions for their parents & future families.

On top of all that? 

They were incredibly smart & resilient, they’re a powerful asset to their company no matter how much they are getting paid.  And even if they were in entry level positions – they were miles ahead of their colleagues & superiors in terms of wealth-building. 

And I didn’t want to let them down. 

My name & reputation is attached to this & I wanted to make sure I delivered the goods. 

It’s why I went above and beyond to really give you EVERYTHING you need… and more to make sure you are in the BEST position possible after putting your trust in us. 

1. Your Own Personal Assistants In Small Study Groups (Worth 2000 USD)

After purchasing, you’ll be allocated to your own group chats with your own personal assistant who’s experienced & fully qualified to be helping you.

They’ll basically be your personal mentors, guide & supporters 24/7 throughout the entire 21 day period.

Hiring your own financial mentor for wealth building, investing and similar services for this amount of attention and 21 days in a row (& aftercare after your completion!) would easily put you thousands of dollars in cost.

If you placed your money in the hands of a fund manager for returns as high as this, they would charge you 1-3% of your entire investment and 20% of your profits. That alone would cost over 5 figures in cost.

2. Top-Tier Quality Control With All Our Content (Worth 5000 USD)

We are ALWAYS updating & making sure all the content you are getting is nothing short of quality. 

Imagine having a whole team of dedicated quality-control specialists watching the financial news, the markets, the economy & for the top investment methods to ensure you are getting the best of the best from this bootcamp. 

To get anywhere close to value like this is practically impossible, you would have to read hundreds of investment-related books, over 30+ years of investing experience, hundreds & thousands of mistakes from investing eros and purchasing your own investing courses. 

We’re constantly in touch with the top fund managers, industry leaders, financial institution insiders & a network of other financial gurus in this field to ensure you’re getting the best.

The value is immeasurable. 

3. Live Broadcasts Every Week (Worth 3000 USD)

Our speakers & coaches will be getting on a live broadcast with you every single week & adding a ton of value to your learning experience with up-to-date market insights & investing tips. 

Plus, you’ll be getting a ton of easy-to-consume materials, checklists & infographics all for YOUR convenience. 

You’ll also get a fully credible, legitimate Digital Course Certificate to signify your full participation in the program. 

That’s a cumulative $10,000+ worth of value you’re getting on top of the entire investing bootcamp.

3 Week Investment Mindset Bootcamp


$ 1,895 USD

$ 1,197 USD

BONUS #1 A Guide to The Different Investing Approaches eBook (Value – 99USD)


The forest that is the stock investment world claims thousands of losers every single day from casual investors who play the markets like it’s a game.

In this comprehensive 50-page eBook book packed with different schools of thoughts on investments on top of the strategies we focus on in the bootcamp.

People gamble their hard earned money in the markets because they lack the knowledge & know-how on a proper strategy to make profitable returns & create wealth.

Basically offering you an opportunity to make even more money than you currently are because you’re just getting even more value of what you’re already getting from the bootcamp.

Like I said earlier, we aim to deliver once you place your trust in us.


BONUS #2 – Financial Statement Comprehensive Analysis Course (Value – 599 USD)


You’ll already have an advantage with the bootcamp and the eBook.

But with the power of a more skilled understanding of financial statements & the whole accounting side of stock investment gives you a seriously unfair advantage on everyone else.

In this surprisingly deep course, we take a dive into financial statements and the numerous angles you can use to analyze a company to make a decision.

You’ll be able to read the whole company like a fortune teller with a crystal ball on how their current operations are, the internal sentiment, future prospects and accurate sense of the trends relating to the business.

If you are really bad with ‘numbers‘, this is PERFECT for you. You’ll know enough & more to conversate with any C Suite or investment banker on the numbers as if you spent your whole life analyzing stocks for the big banks.

And if you are good with numbers? Then this course adds a whole new dimension to how you’ve always perceived the numbers. Giving you an even larger scope on applying your natural talents for even more profits and wealth for yourself & your loved ones.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

With the value we are offering, 1197 USD is honestly a bargain price.

But we believe everyone deserves the right to be able to have at least an understanding of what they are getting into with their investment.

So if for any reason you think the content we provide is not worth the value, you have a full 7 days to claim your refund. Simply send an email to [email protected] and we will refund you in full.

I have been personally mentoring & coaching people just like you to get their finances figured out & finally begin growing their wealth.

And one thing I have realized is there are just some people who are just looking for an excuse to fail.

This is sad & I am not assuming you are that person, but I cannot deny that this happened to us too many times to be offering a guarantee longer than 7 days.

You have seen everything we have and if you are still unsure, then your problem might be about your own ability to take action & in that case, I wouldn’t recommend you to invest.

But if you are ready to make the investment in yourself & your potential and your future, then here is a short recap of what you’ll get with your purchase…

3 Week Investment Mindset Bootcamp


$ 1,895 USD

$ 1,058 USD

Time for a Decision

If you are still reading to this point, that means you are in a very interesting position…

It may not seem like it but you are making a MAJOR life decision right now. 

And depending on the choice you make, you are going to keep living the same way you currently are – still anxious about your financial future or…

Completely changing your whole life.

Choice 1 

Click out of this page and keep on living the same way you have before you landed on this page. 

Unsure about your finances… 

Never knowing how to think about building & growing your wealth in a safe, proven & profitable way. 

Leaving your fate to the banks, the government & your employer… 

Instead of taking control over your own future. 

This might seem like a ‘risk‘ but the cost of inaction is much greater

  • You’ll always respond to life-changing opportunities by backing out & playing it safe
  • You’ll be vulnerable to a financial crisis like a emergency accident, or medical operation or if anything else bad happens

  • You go through the rest of your life never knowing if you could have actually make your dreams come true 

Money will always come back, but your time & opportunities will never come back. 

The older you get, the less risk you are able to take and the less opportunities you have to make big gains on your investments. (The compounding effect loses its power every year you delay it.) 

Choice 2

But if you decide to say yes to yourself, to how you deserve a better future… 

Then you’re opening a world of possibilities for yourself, your parents, and your future family. 

Think about it. 

What would you do if you knew how the rich are making their wealth on almost autopilot?

Giving you the knowledge of playing the bigger game, in-depth & an immersive, facilitated education on all the inside information of how it works. 

How would that change every second of your life as you are working your 9-5 and slowly building your wealth with the full confidence you know exactly what you are doing… 

And all of your colleagues are nowhere close to the level you are playing. 

They are probably still thinking of what to eat for lunch, getting wasted on Friday nights, & counting the days to the next holiday. 

What would you do with the ability to generate RM500… RM1000… or even RM3000… in passive income hitting your bank account every month? 

How would that change how you live your life? 

Maybe you will no longer care if all the lights & plugs are switched off before leaving the house… 

Maybe you won’t care anymore on what the menu price is during dinners… 

Or maybe you won’t think twice about paying for repairs on a TINY car scratch, or maybe even buy a new car without blinking an eye? 

What would you do with the power of knowing how to pick the next Amazon, Facebook & Apple? Or Google, Microsoft, & Tesla? 

Or Netflix… Or Disney… 

Or the thousands other stocks that with names people don’t know yet but you will. 

And in 10, 20 & 30 years time… You’ll be the one sitting on a portfolio filled with the decades biggest stock winners..

Or maybe even in 1-2 years time with some luck and if you really put in the work. 

The point is, this isn’t just a bootcamp. 

This is an investment in your life. 

If you are able to see that, then it won’t matter what the price is, what matters is how far are you willing to go to make your dreams come true. 

Intake Closing Reminder: 

There really is a growing demand of Students enrolling into the program and due to the amount of resources we utilize, we will have to close it out quite soon. 

And we can’t guarantee when the exact date if we ever do open back up. 

If we open this program up again, we will have a new batch of success stories so the price will definitely be much higher than what you are seeing today too.


In the simplest terms possible, it offers you very simplified education, lessons from hundreds & thousands of dollars in mistakes and over 30+ years of investing wisdom from 30+ years experience of myself, other coaches & other financial leaders I am personally connected with. 

In 3 weeks, spending about an hour a day with the course material & your own personal assistant, you’ll be fully equipped with the power of knowing how to generate wealth & start growing your own million dollar portfolio in the coming years. 

In just 3 weeks, you only need about 1 hour a day to have everything you need to confidently begin your journey to financial freedom. 

You’ll be fully equipped with the power of growing your wealth no matter the income level you are at right now. 

To generate a safe, consistent & profitable passive income into your account every single month, 

And learn the knowledge to safely be able to always have the ability to pick as many stocks as you want to according to your own investment goals – no matter if you are starting out with just RM500 or RM30,000. 

You’ll also have all the tools you need to understand how to pick the next Amazon, Facebook & Google over the next ten, twenty & thirty years ahead. 

You only need one stock to retire early, but if you don’t understand how to systematically invest in these companies every year without losing your capital, you’ll never have a chance at even one of these opportunities. 

Honest answer is no. 

I can’t make you a promise I can’t guarantee. 

If you are lucky, we might have 1-2 spots left which is why we have this page up but we sold out all our intakes last year way faster than we ever expected. 

So, I have no promises on whether this page will be up but if you shoot us an email on your specific situations, we might be able to figure something out. 

We have a 7 day money back guarantee and there’s a very simple reason why we don’t offer any longer than that.

I have been personally mentoring & coaching people just like you to get their finances figured out & finally begin growing their wealth.

And one thing I have realized is there are just some people who are just looking for an excuse to fail.

This is sad & I am not assuming you are that person, but I cannot deny that this happened to us too many times to be offering a guarantee longer than 7 days.

You have seen everything we have and if you are still unsure, then your problem might be about your own ability to take action & in that case, I wouldn’t recommend you to invest.

Come back when you are more comfortable & ready to execute.

Here’s what will happen when you make the purchase after clicking the button, you’ll be brought to a page that shows the details of your purchase with a safe