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ValueInMind is a financial and career education platform that was founded by Spark Liang in 2019.

We are committed to becoming one of the most comprehensive financial and professional learning platforms available in the market via our online and offline courses so we could empower more individuals around the world with financial literacy as well as the mindsets they would need to succeed professionally.

Since our inception in 2019, we have assisted more than 15,000 individuals coming from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, China, Australia and the United Kingdom pursue as well as achieve their financial and professional goals through our courses.


To assist 1 million individuals achieve financial success by empowering them with financial literacy


To free our graduates from conventional financial struggles so they can realise their dreams

Transform Your Life, Secure Your Future

Spark Liang

Founder of ValueInMind

As an adult, whenever you get stuck in life, be it financially or professionally, who do you turn to first?

I’d assume, you look to your parents or someone elderly or your peers for advice, right?

And the conversation either ends up as a two-hour long “this-is-how-i-do-it” storytelling session or a one-sided coaching session. No doubt, some are great advice, but there just isn’t any solid action plan you could instantly implement to better your life.

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Why ValueInMind?

Level up your mindset, level up your value of time

Financial literacy and career literacy are the keys to liberating the ordinary people from the rat race. Yet, these vital skills were neither taught in school or passed on to us from our parents. Not to mention, some of us never even have the luxury to hear of these two terms. That’s where ValueInMind comes in. We are not just here to spoon feed you with a blueprint to success. We are here to break conventional beliefs you hold about achieving success. We are here to unset and reset your mindset for something bigger in your life.

Ultimately, it is your mindset that sets your future, aside from the action you put into it. Eventually, your time value follows through with a level up when your mindset goes through a level up.

Your best learning partner

At ValueInMind, we want to make learning easy for you. Nothing should ever stand in your way to knowledge. So, we have done all we can to remove every possible obstacle that is blocking your path to learning. You no longer need to shift your work schedule around to fit your learning schedule. You no longer need to rush out of work to attend a class that is a half an hour drive away. Because of technology – hail, our online classes!

Now, you can learn anywhere, anytime. Plus, besides text-based materials, there are also podcasts and animated videos to make your learning experience a wholesome one.

Our People

Spark Liang


Eugene K.


Yong Y. S.

Head of Learning

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