ValueInMind Academy

We are a financial investment education platform founded in 2019. We strive to become the most comprehensive education platform that combines both online and offline learning to help everyone develop the habit of financial investment and subsequently improve their lives.

Since its inception, ValueInMind has impacted more than 15,000 students worldwide, from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Australia, UK, England and more.

Do you face these challenges in your work environment?

Your boss doesn’t like you, no matter how well you perform

Many encounter this problem. You might think that “oh the boss is busy, he doesn’t have time for every employee”. But you also know, somewhere in your heart, that he could be intentionally turning a blind eye to your efforts. All so that he can have to give you a raise.

Your hard work belongs to the boss, but any mistakes are your own

You’ve worked hard for the company, but at the end of the day, the boss gets all the credit. That’s tolerable. But when bad things happen due to the boss’s misdirection or mistakes, you are forced to bear the responsibility. It’s not your fault at all! Is it really such a fine line between reward and punishment?

After working for years, your career is still going nowhere

Everyone dreams of climbing higher and higher up the ladder. But sometimes, you might get stuck. You might say: “I can’t see my future in this current job. I can’t imagine how I can grow if I continue working here. I mean, I’ve been doing it for such a long time with nothing to show for it except an increased workload.”

Do you face any of the above challenges?

If so, then it’s probably time for you to make a change

Oops~ The economy is in recession now, I can’t do anything about it!

You may think that the economy is bad now, and that you’re lucky to even have a job. It’s not worth the risk right now. But have you heard about those who get massive salary increases and career growth through job-hopping? Such people exist, regardless of the state of the economy. The economy’s health is never a relevant factor. As long as you are capable, no matter what the circumstances, you need to take the first leap and strive for the rewards you deserve.

The company already has a salary increment system, and it’s useless for me to worry about it.

You might think that the company already has a salary increment system, which is already very good. But did you know that most salary increase policies are not enough? How much can your salary increase every year? 3% or 4% per year? The painful fact of the matter is that a salary increase of less than 5% per year is not a salary increase at all – it’s just salary inflation. You shouldn’t wait for the company to raise your salary, but make the necessary changes yourself. Otherwise, all you can do is wait and watch as your salary shrinks smaller and smaller due to inflation.

I haven’t worked long enough. Given time, eventually the boss will notice my efforts.

This is one of the most useless sentences, period. What does it mean if you obediently take what you’re given, quietly working without showing yourself or requesting for change? It means you’ve accepted your position. You’ve accepted your low salary. And once your boss knows this, he is less likely to help you. As we said earlier, no matter how hard you try, if you don’t speak up, the boss will always choose to ignore you. Even if there is a salary increase, it is just salary inflation. It is an automatic process that does nothing for you.

The best way to redefine your value is to upgrade to a better working environment!

Who We Are

Help 1 million people develop financial investment habits within 5 years

Financial investment is a life skill that everyone should master. Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t agree. So here we are. ValueInMind was established with the goal of sharing valuable financial management skills with the world. Through interactive online courses, we are able to reach into the lives of everyone around you and me (this includes you of course!). Learn how to increase your income, establish proper personal financial management and invest to accumulate your wealth. Our comprehensive courses provide all you need for a lifetime of good financial decisions.
We believe that education improves lives, and that only financial management can change your fate. Our mission remains unchanged: to help more and more people master financial management skills.
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Improved Mindset, Increased Value

In ValueInMind, we are committed to educating the public on how to manage personal finances and improve their lives. But… there’s more. To outsiders, we are a financial education company; but on the inside, we are a team that grows together. Our team’s growth is our biggest priority. We believe that as our team continues to grow, it will help us to better fulfill our mission and vision of helping more people.
Everyone in the team is the company’s most cherished and most valuable asset. If you have both the strength and enthusiasm to help us fulfill our mission, then it’s our pleasure to invite you to join our ValueInMind. Let’s create miracles together. We need you.

Our team is the most important asset. You deserve these benefits

Learn to manage money, do whatever you want

As a financial education provider, it would be a terrible example if our employees didn’t know how to manage their money. As part of our team, you are allowed infinite access to all our courses. You can improve and grow yourself while helping others.

Want to learn more? We support you

The company provides a personal education fund for every individual. You can use it to sign up for various courses and purchase books to improve your abilities. Want to become a top leader in the industry, or even someone better? We’re here for you. Your growth is our success story.

We share good things, profit sharing

We know that a company cannot grow without the power of employees. Therefore, the company uses a profit-sharing system so that all who’ve contributed to the company will get the rewards they deserve! Everyone deserves a piece of the fruit that was nurtured by all.

Your future work environment

Friendly colleagues, heart to heart

We are not a big company with dozens of departments and hundreds or even thousands of employees. A few dozen, at best. Will there be challenges? Sure. But we’ll overcome them together

We only look at your abilities and not your qualifications. We need people like you!

Learning Department

課程運營組長 - 中文班

  • 基於用戶 / 場景的洞察,挖掘新的裂變和增長機會,並制定增長策略。對拉新、留存、轉化等結果負責。
  • 負責活動策劃以及執行,通過原有流量池,對用戶的增長和引流課招生負責。
  • 持續進行數據分析,保持當下穩定的活動增長點。
  • 對已上線的課程運營過程,進行內容、以及用戶體驗方面的優化。
  • 深入了解教育行業的增長策略,持續跟蹤行業競品、渠道動態、綜合數據分析等,探索新的用戶增長點。
  • 管理團隊,對旗下的團員進行輔導和督促,幫助他們成長。
  • 本科以上學歷,具備至少2年以上教育相關的工作經驗;管理過10人以上的團隊、有成熟的社群運營或銷售經驗者為優先;

  • 對用戶裂變增長有較完整的方法論以及實戰經驗,善於系統性思考(可提供項目案例);

  • 擅長用戶數據分析,對用戶行為變化敏感,具備較強的產品思維;

  • 優秀的溝通協作,執行以及項目管理能力,具備資源協調能力;

  • 會寫作,能夠對課程進行完整的升級以及叠代;

  • 具備領導能力,能夠獨立帶領並引導團隊邁向巔峰

  • 學習能力強,抗壓能力強,適應高強度高成長的工作環境;

  • 精通中英雙語。

Course Operation Lead- English Course

  • Uncover new fission and growth opportunities based on user / scenario insights and develop growth strategies. Responsible for the results of new pull, retention, conversion, etc.
  • Responsible for campaign planning as well as execution, responsible for user growth and attraction class enrollment through the original traffic pool.
  • Continuously perform data analysis to maintain a steady stream of current campaign growth.
  • Optimize content, and user experience for the operation process of the launched courses.
  • In-depth understanding of the growth strategy of the education industry, continuous tracking of industry competitors, channel dynamics, comprehensive data analysis, etc., to explore new user growth points.
  • Manage the team, coach and supervise the group members to help them grow.
  • Bachelor degree or above, with at least 2 years of education-related work experience; having managed a team of more than 10 people, with mature community operation or sales experience is preferred.
  • Have a complete methodology and practical experience in user fission growth, good at systematic thinking (project cases can be provided).
  • Good at user data analysis, sensitive to changes in user behavior, and strong product thinking.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration, execution and project management skills, with the ability to coordinate resources.
  • Ability to write and make complete upgrades to the curriculum as well as iterations.
  • Leadership skills, able to independently lead and guide a team to the top.
  • Ability to learn, resist stress and adapt to a high-intensity, high-growth work environment.
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English.

課程運營專員 - 中文班

  • 協助運營組長編寫理財投資相關的文章、內容等;
  • 根據調研情況以數據的形式做出詳細的分析,以及做出相對的優化;
  • 回訪和跟進已畢業學員,確保他們有養成理財投資的習慣;
  • 提升學員滿意度和推薦度,協助完成團隊各項運營指標(如拉新、留存、轉化等);
  • 定期研究理財教育類的產品和社群,並轉化成有助於課程運營和推廣的行動點。
  • 本科及以上學歷,可接受應屆畢業生。擁有理財投資知識,以及社群活動策劃經驗的加分;
  • 會寫作,邏輯清晰,文筆簡單明了;
  • 善用數據和有趣的案例來進行論證;
  • 熱愛思考、分享、和學習,喜歡具有挑戰性的工作;
  • 具備強烈的同理心,能夠快速了解學員想要什麽;
  • 學習能力強,有良好的溝通協調能力;
  • 出色的抗壓能力、邏輯思維能力、執行能力、服務意識、工作積極有條理;
  • 精通中英雙語。

Course Operation Specialist - English Course

  • Assisting the operations team leader in the preparation of articles, content, etc. related to financial investment.
  • Conducting research and evaluation of existing projects.
  • Making detailed analysis in the form of data based on the research, as well as making relative optimization.
  • Returning to and following up with graduated trainees to ensure that they have developed the habit of financial investment.
  • Improving student satisfaction and referrals, and assisting in the completion of the team’s various operational indicators (such as new recruitment, retention, conversion, etc.).
  • Regularly research financial education products and communities, and translate them into action points that help course operation and promotion.
  • Bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates are acceptable. Knowledge of financial investment and experience in planning community activities is a plus.
  • Can write with clear logic and simple and clear writing; make good use of data and interesting cases to make arguments.
    A passion for thinking, sharing, and learning, and enjoys challenging work.
  • A strong sense of empathy and the ability to quickly understand what participants want.
  • Strong learning ability and good communication and coordination skills.
  • Excellent stress tolerance, logical thinking, execution skills, service orientation, and a positive and organized approach to work.
  • Fluent in Chinese and English.

課程設計組長 - 中文班

  • 根據公司戰略以及業務方向,開展在線教育教學的調研和分析。以用戶喜好,設計和開发相對的課程體系、流程、以及實施體系;
  • 具備一定的教學經驗,依托自己的專業知識和教學的經驗,制定課程培訓計劃。
  • 網絡課程的設計:對網絡課程進行整體的設計構思;根據設計構思,協助班主任進行網絡課程的教學設計,包括原始材料收集、分析、整理、提取重點、設計教學策略,編制課程教學腳本等;
  • 負責對課程進行媒體設計,包括課程內容表現形式設計、交互設計、媒體選擇等;協調和溝通課程制作開发團隊工作,確保課程開发過程順利完成工作。
  • 對研发的課程開发過程全面負責,包括根據研发流程和標準跟進進度並嚴格把控質量,保證高質量的課程成果;
  • 負責整理課程開发過程的所有文檔,形成詳細的記錄,並按時歸檔;
  • 能夠負責線上、線下課程資源的梳理以及優化等。
  • 本科以上學歷,2年以上培訓課程開发、或培訓項目實施工作經驗、或教育培訓等相關教學經驗。課程設計類工作者優先考慮;
  • 具備相關教學設計、經驗萃取、案例開发、教練引導等技能;
  • 有清晰的課程邏輯思路,和嚴謹的研发態度;
  • 有較強的溝通協調能力以及內外部資源整合能力、文案撰寫能力、可策劃或準確提煉產品及創意亮點,具備一定的內容策劃能力;
  • 個性開朗,思維活躍,熱愛思考,極強的學習能力和學習意識,善於自我鞭策,結果導向,抗壓能力強,具有良好的責任感,以及團隊合作能力和組織協調能力等。

Learning Experience Design Team Lead - English Course

  • Carry out research and analysis of online education according to the company’s strategy as well as business direction.
  • Design and develop relative course systems, processes, and implementation systems with user preferences.
  • With certain teaching experience, rely on their professional knowledge and teaching experience to develop course training plans.
  • Design of the online course: conceptualize the overall design of the online course; according to the design concept, assist classroom teachers in the teaching of the online course, including original material collection, analysis, organization, extraction of key points, design of teaching strategies, and preparation of course teaching scripts.
  • Responsible for media design of the course, including course content presentation design, interaction design, media selection, etc.; coordinate and communicate with the course production and development team to ensure that the course development process completes its work smoothly.
  • Be fully responsible for the course development process of R&D, including following up the progress and strictly controlling the quality according to the R&D process and standards to ensure high quality course results.
  • Be responsible for organizing all documentation of the course development process, forming detailed records and filing them on time.
  • Be responsible for the combining and optimization of online and offline course resources, etc.
  • Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of training course development, or training project implementation experience, or education and training and other related teaching experience.
  • Curriculum design workers are preferred.
  • Skills in relevant instructional design, experience extraction, case development, coaching guidance, etc.
  • Have a clear logical thinking of the curriculum, and a rigorous research and development attitude.
  • Strong communication and coordination skills and the ability to integrate internal and external resources, copywriting skills, the ability to plan or accurately refine products and creative highlights, and the ability to plan content.
  • Cheerful personality, active thinking, love of thinking, strong learning ability and learning consciousness, good at self-promotion, result-oriented, strong anti-stress ability, good sense of responsibility, as well as teamwork ability and organizational coordination ability, etc.

課程設計專員 - 中文班

  • 收集、分析、整理課程資料,根據目標人群特點,以及本學院特點,完成課程教學設計;
  • 負責制作團隊的溝通與協作,處理相關素材,包括文字、圖片、視頻、音頻等等;
  • 負責線上課程進度的追蹤和了解,隨時解決各種突发問題;
  • 進行課程成品的測試,以及質量監督;
  • 負責課程後續的拓展開发、整理、實施、更新、以及優化。
  • 本科及以上學歷,可接受應屆畢業生。擁有理財投資知識,以及優秀的中英文撰寫能力的加分(可提供作品參考);
  • 懂得收集以及分析數據,发現市場需求;
  • 能夠策劃課程內容以及呈現方式;
  • 具備同理心,懂得如何設計出可以提高學習體驗的課程;
  • 對學習、改進、和個人发展有著強烈的渴望;
  • 定期研究理財教育類的產品和活動,並轉化成有助於課程設計的行動點;
  • 能夠獨立帶動整個課程研发的進度,擁有卓越的人際溝通和解決問題的能力;
  • 能夠在快節奏、緊時限的環境中成長;要能夠快速適應變化。

Learning Experience Design Specialist- English Course

  • Collecting, analyzing and organizing course materials, and completing course instructional design according to the characteristics of the target population, as well as the characteristics of the college.
  • Responsible for the communication and collaboration of the production team, processing relevant materials, including text, pictures, video, audio, etc.
  • To be responsible for tracking and understanding the progress of the online course, and solving various unexpected problems at any time.
  • Conducting testing of finished courses, as well as quality supervision.
  • Responsible for the subsequent expansion of the course development, finishing, implementation, updating, and optimization.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above, fresh graduates are acceptable. Knowledge of personal finance, and excellent writing skills in English and Chinese is a plus (work references available).
  • Know how to collect as well as analyze data and identify market needs.
  • Ability to plan course content and know how it is to be presented.
  • Empathy and knowledge of how to design courses that will enhance the student’s learning experience.
  • A strong desire for learning, improvement, and personal development; regularly research financial education products and activities and translate them into action points that contribute to course design.
  • Ability to independently drive the entire curriculum development process and possess excellent interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment; be able to adapt quick change.


  • 協助課程設計員,以及運營專員撰寫理財投資相關的文檔;
  • 協助關於問卷設計、問卷調查、數據分析、需求產出、需求驗證等技術活兒。
  • 一起參與課程設計、編排、審核、发表、維護、優化等一系列從無到有的產品設立過程。
  • 積極向上,願意學習
  • 獨立思考,願意對自己負責的項目負責任




  • 幫助學員成功執行課程內容。

  • 以郵件,WhatsApp,致電的方式協助解答學員問題。

  • 建造良好的學習系統增進提升學生們的學習體驗。

  • 整理數據,并将报告分类为不同种类,以供管理参考。

  • 密切跟踪學生的學習進度,幫助學生來上課學習。

  • 懂得操作信息分发平台,提高售後服務。

  • 協助降低學員退款率。

  • 精準又快速的打字程度,可以處理大量的信息。

  • 必須有非常好的 中&英语沟通和寫作能力。

  • 至少擁有 SPM/O-level 或金融和投資知識。

  • 有耐心和同理心者和經驗者會將被優先考慮。

  • 熟悉使用Google drive & Google sheet。

After Sales Customer Support - English

  • Reply questions of student by email, WhatsApp, messenger or phone.

  • Organize the data and classify the reports into different categories for management reference.

  • Build a good learning system to enhance students’ learning experience.

  • Track frequently the progress of students’ learning and help them attend class.

  • Study various technical problems and improve after-sales service.

  • Help reduce student refund rate.

  • Able to handle a lot of message with accurate and fast typing.

  • Must have very good Chinese and English communication and writing skills.

  • At least SPM / O-level or finance and investment knowledge.

  • Patience and empathy and experience will be given priority.

  • Familiar with Google drive and Google sheet.

Marketing Department

銷售渠道組長 - 中文課程

銷售渠道組長的角色是和一位 Copywriter 以及一位 Ads Specialist 作為一個團隊,創造,維持及增長 3 – 4 個以 ROI 為結果導向的 Sales Funnel。這個職位也將直接影響價值思維 Value In Mind 的營收和擴張速度。

  • 與文案策劃(Copywriter)協作: 與 文案策劃(Copywriter)溝通並同步所有 Sales Funnel 策略,並協助Copywriter 產出 Landing Page 文案、 廣告文案、創意影片廣告文稿、Email 銷售文案、 Sales Funnel Offers 等。

  • 與線上廣告專員 (Ads Specialist) 協作:與 線上廣告專員 (Ads Specialist) 溝通並同步所有 Sales Funnel 策略,為 Sales Funnel 帶來最佳的 ROAS 表現

  • 創建與打造 Sales Funnel: 領導 Funnel Team 創造,維持及增長 3 – 4 個以 ROI 為結果導向的 Sales Funnel。同時也涉及項目管理,創建和維護標準 SOPs 以及與其他部門合作。

  • 轉化率優化: 負責優化所有Sales Funnel 在每一個階段中的轉化率。持續性優化以獲得更好的表現. 同時也必須關注所有 Sales Funnel 的消費體驗 (UI,UX, Page Performance, 文案) 來提升轉化率

  • 實時觀察 Campaign 數據: 分析網站和 Sales Funnel 的數據发現潛在的增長機會。導出所有從Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads 或其他軟件中的相關重要數據並和 Benchmark 進行對比以確保 Sales Funnel 照常運行。具備數據思維並能夠將覆雜的數據轉化成簡單易懂的行動目標。

  • 創新實驗: 學習及參考同領域有效的 Sales Funnel,找出優點並不斷測試新的 marketing 實驗,需要具備快速推動落新想法的能力,並寫出實驗結果

  • 長期及穩定營收:維持及增長 3 – 4 個已經成
    功的 Sales Funnel 和產品並增加公司營收.

  • 渠道整合 (各個部門協作):與各部門協作推動產品, Marketing Campaign 以及 Sales Funnel , 熟悉各個獲客渠道, E.G. : SEO, PR, Paid, Referral, Email 和 Affiliate Marketing. 同時具備如何從各個渠道如 Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram 等進行獲客並進行轉換的基本邏輯。

  • 創造和覆制已驗證成功的 Sales Funnel: 創造以及維持已驗證成功的 Sales Funnel,並將驗證成功的 Evergreen Funnel 覆制到不同的產品並進行調整。

  • 跨部門溝通能力:具備一定的跨部門協作能力, 能夠和文案策劃,線上廣告投放專員,自然流量部門,聯盟行銷部門,設計師和產品部門打造新的營銷素材。

  • 互聯網思維:具備了解互聯網營銷以及如何提升轉化率的基礎思維。

  • 工具: 擅長使用 CMS 工具如 WordPress, Thrivecart, Email Marketing 系統等

  • 自我驅動,能发現問題,解決問題,達成目標: 有自學精神並能夠自動自发的解決問題,並且能夠和同事保持開放式的溝通方式。

  • 對數據敏感,具備良好的判斷能力

  • 具備高效處理多項任務的能力、優秀的項目管理和時間管理能力

Funnel Team Lead - English Course

As one of our Funnel Team Lead, you are responsible for the implementation of the marketing success of our sales funnel. You will be working with one copywriter & ads specialist, create, maintain and growth 3 to 4 ROI driven Sales Funnel. This role is crucial for Value In Mind as it has a direct impact on our revenue and expansion! 

  • Working with Copywriter: Communicate and direct copywriter to produce Direct Response Copywriting on landing page, paid ads, email sales letter, funnel and offers that are designed to sell.

  • Working with Ads Specialist: Communicate and direct Ads Specialist to synchronize our strategies to deliver the best ROAS for every sales funnel.

  • Launch & Build Sales Funnel: Leading the project team to create, maintain and growth 3 to 4 ROI driven Sales Funnel. This will involve project management, creating & maintaining a straight line for standard operations, and working with different departments.

  • Conversion Optimization: Utilise conversion  rate optimisation tactics (i.e. A/B, split-testing etc.) to squeeze as much ROI as humanly possible out of each dollar spent. Also conducting CRO Audits for all sales funnel that focusing on UX, UI, page performance and copywriting improvements that are designed to increase their conversion rate.

  • Measuring Live Campaigns Data: Monitor live campaigns, analyse websites and funnels and prepare performance analysis reports that identify areas of opportunity. Reporting on important metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads and any other 3rd party tools that may be used.To report on launch performance and tracking against benchmarks. Data-driven and have the ability to translate complex analysis into simple-to-understand and actionable insights.

  • Innovation and Growth Process Implementation: Learn from similar industry sales funnel and following growth methodology, prioritize the most impactful ideas from your research and execute them fast.

  • Generate Revenue: Responsible for maintain and increasing Sales Funnel revenue from the success of both product launch and evergreen sales funnel

  • Omni-Channel Expert: Should able to collaborate with different acquisition and retention departments i.e SEO, PR, paid, referral, email and affiliate marketing. In the mean time able to understand the mechanics of acquiring new leads from different channels like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram and etc while converting them into sales. Looking at all channels and ensuring we’re best leveraging all of our paid and organic channels to drive traffic for launches

    Create and maintain a framework of Sales Funnels can deploy. Also be able to optimize and refining sales funnel launch processes so each new funnel deployment runs smoother and performance gets better.

  • The ability to work cross functionally with the copywriter, ads specialist, organic department, affiliate department, designers, learning department and etc to ship new marketing assets.

  • A solid understanding of how Direct Response, Digital Strategy, Optimisation, Sales Funnels, UX, UI, page performance, Google AdWords, SEO and Facebook Ads affect and can improve conversion rates.

  • A solid understanding of CMS platforms (WordPress) and eCommerce systems (Thrivecart) and Email Automation software.

  • Has the ability to self-learn and use initiative to solve problems. Ability to build good working relationships with co-workers fostering open communication on project planning, progress and execution.

  • A strategist that analyses & seeks out opportunities and experiments with marketing campaigns to continuously optimise conversions.

  • Outstanding time management skills and attention to detail. Loves to multitask and is motivated by and works well under pressure.


你相信文字的力量可以媲美10個銷售人員,你將參與到策劃和撰寫最具有收益價值的文案,包括sales letters、email campaigns、營銷影片文稿等。如果你會使用“文字魔法”來說服大眾、引導潛在客戶下單、希望透過文字影響每一個人開始養成理財投資的習慣,你是我們要的人。也請運用你的文案能力通過求職信(cover letter)向我們推銷你自己。

  • 撰寫公司各種產品的銷售文案(sales letter),下一個百萬銷售級別銷售文案可能就會出自你手

  • 策劃營銷渠道的email campaign和messenger campaign的內容,透過引導新流量為公司帶來穩定的ROI

  • 編輯和撰寫可以影響上百萬人營銷影片內容

  • 分析讀者和觀看者的背後的心理需求

  • 擁有1年或以上撰寫或編輯文案相關的經驗

  • 熱愛寫作,具備良好的撰稿能力和口語化的編輯能力

  • 具備良好的信息採編能力,擅於信息的蒐集與編輯整理,網絡閱讀廣泛,採集、整合資料能力強

  • 洞察能力強,懂得分析用戶在網上的心理行為

  • 有copywriter相關經驗為優先

  • 具備優秀的執行力,迅速的反饋工作,主動積極

  • 出色的溝通和團隊協作能力,善於學習新事物

  • 請運用你的文案能力通過求職信(cover letter)向我們推銷你自己。

Copywriter - English

You believe that the power of words can be defeat 10 sales agents. You will participate in planning and writing copies that generate huge income, including sales letters, email campaigns, marketing video manuscripts, etc. If you can use “the magic of words” to persuade the public, guide potential customers to place orders, and  influence everyone to start to develop the habit of financial investment through words, you are the one we want.

  • Write the sales letter of the company’s various products. The next million sales level sales letter may come from you

  • Plan the content of email campaign and messenger campaign of marketing channel, and bring stable ROI to the company by guiding new traffic

  • Write the script of video which can influence millions of people

  • Analysis psychological needs of readers and viewers

  • At least 1 year experience in writing or editing copywriting

  • Love writing and have good writing ability

  • Good ability of information collection and compilation

  • Good at information collection and editing, extensive network reading, strong ability of data collection and integration

  • Insight ability, know how to analyze the user’s psychological behavior on the Internet

  • Copywriter related experience is preferred

  • Excellent executive ability, quick feedback and initiative

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, good at learning new things




  • 研究渠道:持續專研和探索各個廣告平台,跟進其最新技術,再設想如何帶入公司的廣告投放策略

  • 優化廣告活動:策劃和執行獲取用戶的廣告策略,透過創造需求和re-marketing campaign在各種廣告渠道上,如搜索廣告(SEM)、社交廣告、視頻廣告、手機/移動廣告等來吸引更多新用戶

  • 測量績效:利用追蹤和分析工具來測量廣告績效和報告營銷廣告洞察

  • ​營銷心理學:應用營銷心理學策劃廣告活動,確保廣告創意能和目標群眾產生共鳴

  • 審美創意:提供建議和幫助執行各種實驗來提升價值思維學院在各個廣告渠道上的廣告創意

  • 擁有一年或以上投放和管理網絡廣告如Google Ads、Facebook、Youtube等的經驗

  • 可以很好的運用和分析數據來做決策

  • 抱有成長型思維,因為你的能力可以影響價值思維學院倍增成長。成長型思維能使你持續的挑戰現有的方式,從而研究整個廣告生態和持續給予公司最新洞察。同時,公司會購買相關課程或派送你參與頂尖訓練來協助你在該領域的持續成長

  • ​熱愛追蹤最新廣告技術和功能

  • 追求高審美的廣告創意

  • ​擁有快速學習能力、良好的人際關係、協作能力高,是個團隊人物)、能及時完成任務期限和在有關注細節下快速執行任務

Ads Specialist - English

You pursue to maximize the advertising ROI of ValueinMind. You are able to design and place inspiring advertisements to help our company to expand to the global market. If you are eager to grow, keen to use data to make decisions every day, and have a sharp insight into numbers and money, you are the person we need!

  • Day to day media buying, planning and optimization across key advertising platforms (Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Google Search Ads etc).

  • Campaign and promo ideation and planning. Work closely together with ad copywriter and assist funnel team to develop digital campaigns to drive leads and sales through webinars and mini courses.

  • Provide guidance on ad messaging and creatives and best practices.

  • Identify and develop new opportunities to drive traffic, increase reach, acquire new customers, and increase sales.

  • Track, measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals such as site engagement metrics, sources of traffic, campaign performance measurement (i.e. ROAS, CPC, CTR, CPA, CPL), webinar sign up rate, conversion rate.

  • Provide feedback and recommendation on paid marketing strategy and performance and generate reports on ad performance.

  • Minimum 1 years of experience in Ads Specialist, e.g. planning and executing digital marketing campaigns across Facebook and Google advertising platforms. Prior advertising/marketing agency experience is a plus.

  • Demonstrated experience and success in digital marketing, media planning and analytics (experience with web analytics and reporting tools, such as Google Analytics).

  • Data driven and able to analyse data from tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager.

  • Strong mastery in excel and high proficiency in ROAS, statistical analysis and understanding of ROI.

  • Sharp analytical mind and an appetite for financial analysis and control.

  • Certification in Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint and well versed in Google Tag Manager, Google Campaign Manager 360, Google Data Studio, Linkedin Campaign Manager, Tik Tok, SEO/SEM is a plus.

SEO專員 - 中文

  • 制定SEO策略,以提高價值思維在Google搜索引擎的結果排名

  • 透過SEO關鍵詞及市場趨勢的研究與分析,制定價值思維文章的內容主題方向,以確保產出能夠帶來大流量的文章

  • 制定文章內容主題列表及文章發布時間表,管理文章寫手,以提高優質SEO文章的產量

  • 研究和監督競爭對手和搜索引擎的算法和變化,及時提出調整方案,以提升價值思維文章的競爭表現

  • 開拓網站的外部鏈接,以提升網站的綜合排名指數

  • 策劃及產出優質的lead magnet,與行銷漏斗團隊密切合作,運用多重策略推動lead magnet,以獲得更多的new leads

  • 擁有撰寫優質內容相關經驗

  • 熟悉WordPress操作者為優先考量

  • 熟悉網站分析工具,如:Google Analytics、Google Keyword Planner、Google Search Console等等

  • 掌握最新的SEO策略相關知識

  • 對搜索引擎排名因素和搜索引擎算法有基本的了解

SEO Specialist - English

  • Develop SEO strategies to improve the ranking of value thinking in Google search engine results

  • Through the research and analysis of SEO keywords and market trends, formulate the content and subject direction of value thinking articles to ensure that the output of articles that can bring large traffic

  • Develop a list of article content topics and article publication schedules, manage article writers to increase the output of high-quality SEO articles

  • Research and supervise the algorithms and changes of competitors and search engines, and promptly propose adjustment plans to improve the competitive performance of value thinking articles

  • Optimize and update the content of past articles, and update the links to the text to improve the ranking of value thinking articles on search engines

  • Develop external links to the website to improve the overall ranking index of the website

  • Track, analyze and organize website data, and formulate corresponding strategies in time through data changes to increase the flow of value thinking websites

  • Plan and produce high-quality lead magnets, work closely with the marketing funnel team, and use multiple strategies to promote lead magnets to obtain more new leads

  • Have relevant experience in writing quality content

  • Familiar with WordPress operators is a priority

  • Familiar with website analysis tools, such as : Google Analytics、Google Keyword Planner、Google Search Console and others

  • Master the latest SEO strategy related knowledge

  • Have a basic understanding of search engine ranking factors and search engine algorithms

內容營銷運營專員 - 中文

  • 根據價值思維的年度目標,制定內容營銷的目標拆解、經營策略、任務分工及運營節奏

  • 搜索及分析競爭對手的營銷內容及互動方式,對現有內容營銷策略進行優化

  • 追蹤最新財經新聞、多閱讀關於個人成長及職業規劃方面的內容,撰寫關於時事財經、投資理財、激發讀者成長以及為讀者在職場上的應對及規劃方向的內容

  • 產出閱讀量高、互動性高、甚至是促成高銷量的內容

  • 追蹤、分析及整理內容營銷數據,完成各項關鍵指標

  • 擁有Email Marketing經驗者為優先考量

  • 有能力撰寫優質內容

Content Marketer - English

  • Set content marketing team goals, management strategies and task distribution based on Valueinmind’s objectives.

  • Analyse competitors’ marketing content and optimize Valueinmind’s content marketing strategies.

  • Follow the latest financial news, read about self-enhancement and career planning; produce articles on the latest financial news, financial management and investment, self-improvement and career planning content.

  • Produce highly interactive, highly disseminated content and high sales-converting content.

  • Track, analyze and organize Valueinmind’s content marketing data and report on various key metrics

  • Familiar with Email Marketing (bonus)

  • Able to write quality content


  • 追蹤最新財經新聞,撰寫時事性的投資理財內容產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容(文案、圖片或影片格式)

  • 根據價值思維的年度目標,制定社交媒體運營的目標拆解、經營策略、任務分工及運營節奏

  • 負責新媒體及網絡推廣渠道的策劃、包裝、運營和維護,提升用戶的或閱讀,增加粉絲的數量和黏性

  • 搜索及分析競爭對手的社交媒體內容,對現有社交媒體經營策略進行優化

  • 熟悉Canva操作者為優先考量

  • 非常活躍於Facebook和Instagram

  • 有能力撰寫優質內容

Social Media Specialist - English

  • Set social media team goals, management strategies and task distribution based on Valueinmind’s objectives.

  • Be responsible for the planning, managing and maintaining of new media and online distribution channels, increase the number of fans and the engagement of followers.

  • Analyse competitors’ social media content and optimize Valueinmind’s management strategies of social media

  • Follow the latest financial news and write about the latest financial and investment content

  • Produce highly interactive and highly disseminated content (copy, image or video format)

  • Track, analyze and organize Valueinmind’s social media platform data and report on various key metrics

  • Familiar with Canva or Adobe Illustrator (Bonus)

  • Active on Facebook and Instagram

  • Able to write quality content


  • 協助團隊管理社交媒體平台
  • 協助團隊追蹤最新財經新聞,撰寫時事性內容
  • 產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容(文案、圖片或影片格式)
  • 協助團隊追蹤、分析及整理社交媒體平台數據
  • 活躍於社交媒體,如:Facebook、Instagram、TikTok、小紅書等等
  • 對社交媒體經營抱有熱忱,積極學習相關領域的知識及樂於分享所學
  • 語文能力佳,遣詞用字、敘事邏輯精準到位
  • 個性主動積極樂觀,具責任感、細心、配合度高
  • 具備良好的溝通及團隊合作能力
  • 自我管理能力佳,能精確掌握專案進度時間
  • 資料彙整能力佳
  • 熟悉Canva操作者為優先考量

Social Media Intern - English

  • Assist the team in managing ValueinMind’s social media

  • Follow the latest financial news and write trendy content

  • Produce highly interactive and highly disseminated content (copywriting, image or video format)

  • Assist the team to track, analyze and organize social media platform data 

  • Familiar with Canva or Adobe Illustrator (Bonus)

  • Active on Facebook and Instagram

  • Able to write quality content

內容實習生 Content Intern

  • 根據關鍵字組合,撰寫優質的投資理財、個人成長及職業規劃文章

  • 產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的社交媒體文案

  • 協助團隊產出產出優質的lead magnets,如:電子書、清單、迷你課程等等

  • 協助團隊追蹤、分析及整理價值思維的部落格數據

  • 對內容創作抱有熱忱,積極學習相關領域知識及樂於分享所學!
  • 語文能力佳,遣詞用字、敘事邏輯精準到位!
  • 個性主動積極樂觀,具責任感、細心、配合度高!
  • 具備良好的溝通及團隊合作能力!
  • 自我管理能力佳,能精確掌握專案進度時間!
  • 資料彙整能力佳
  • 熟悉WordPress操作者為優先考量
  • 對搜索引擎排名因素和搜索引擎算法有基本的了解

Digital Marketing Intern - English

  • Based on keyword research performed, write high-quality articles about investment, financial management, personal growth and career planning.

  • Produce highly interactive and highly communicative social media copy

  • Assist the team to produce high-quality lead magnets, such as: e-books, checklists, mini-courses, etc.

  • Assist the team to track, analyze and organize the blog data 

  • Able to write quality content

  • Familiar with WordPress (bonus)

  • Have a basic understanding of search engine ranking factors and search engine algorithms

Referral Marketing Executive 推薦行銷策劃員

  • 善用網路行銷與社群經營工具,提升推薦會員經營品質。

  • 推薦會員行為分析與分群經營。

  • 推薦會員活動發想、規劃、執行、效益分析與建議。

  • 會員數據/活動成效/市場情報分析。

  • 逐月提升學員入會人數,並增加推薦會員的活躍度。

  • 推薦會員系統後台活動設定與操作。

  • 推薦會員數據觀察、分析與運用。

  • 推薦會員規則與權益制度管理。

  • 有任何行銷或客戶服務相關的工作經驗為優先

  • 熟悉會員機制運作,及會員關係經驗者為優先

  • 對市場有著敏銳的洞察力,能夠快速的做出相應的對策,善於分析企劃和企劃優化

  • 有耐心以及應變能力

  • 善於交際, 懂得和會員們溝通

  • 通曉中英文,懂得操作新會員平台,提高服務。

Referral Marketing Executive - English

  • Make the best of online marketing and social media community management tools to improve the quality of referral members.

  • Recommend members behavior analysis and group management of referral member.

  • The idea, planning, implementation, benefit analysis and suggestions of recommending member activities.

  • Member data / activity effectiveness / market intelligence analysis.

  • Increase the number of students and the activity of referral members month by month.

  • Backend activity setting and operation of referral system.

  • Data observation, analysis and application of referral member.

  • Manage rules and rights of referral member.

  • Have working experience in marketing or customer service

  • Experience in member mechanism operation and member relationship management are preferred

  • Have a keen insight into the market, can quickly make the corresponding countermeasures

  • Creative and interested in design mechanism
    Patient and resourceful

  • Strong logical thinking ability, good at analysis and planning optimization

  • Eager to learn and self development

  • Good command of Chinese and English

聯盟行銷/網紅行銷策劃員 - 中文市場

• 執行網紅行銷專案

• 搜索优质網紅并取得聯繫

• 審核创作者的作品內容

• 蒐集結案數據並且分析結果

• 協助發想、規劃與提案網紅行銷企劃

• 助創作者完成企劃達到一定成果

• 尋找創者者並邀請成為合作夥伴

• 有媒體行銷產業企劃或B2B業務經驗者

• 對於網路熱門事物有极高的敏銳度

• 注重細節、擅長溝通、高效率、有幽默感

• 精通中文,善於以中文溝通

• 有相关工作经验者为优先

Affiliate Account / KOL Marketing Executive - English Market

  • Support day-to-day operational tasks of our Affiliate Program and our Community Influencer Program.
  • Find new influencer / affiliate partners and expand the affiliate network.
  • Lead the data collection and reporting framework for data driven insights.
  • Serve as the key point of contact for the affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Conduct through end-to-end research and recommendations to drive higher efficiency on both the user experience as well as the affiliate sign up and management process
  • Manage affiliate compensation tracking and continually drive data intelligence to minimize risks
  • Create key messaging guidelines, product images for affiliate campaigns.
  • Create, execute, and manage influencer campaigns to improve influencer program performance.

• Excellent communication skills in English.

• Great with project management.

• Preferred 1-year experience in digital marketing account management

• Can adapt in a fast-paced digital environment

• Most important, self-learner and results driven.


  • 以郵件,WhatsApp,Messenger或致電的方式協助解答學術問題。

  • 整理數據,轉化報告分類為不同種類,以供管理參考。

  • 與諮詢報名課程問題的顧客達成良好的溝通平行,表達課程所帶來的價值。

  • 解決課程銷售前的問題,解答顧客們的疑慮,意識學習的​​本質,促成學者們的報名。

  • 與Spark的粉絲有良好的互動。

  • 解決報名過程中遇到的付款問題等等,提高出版物報名付款率。

  • 審核面子書專業的入群成員和即將發布的帖子。

  • 精準又快速的打字程度,可以處理大量的信息

  • 必須有非常好的 中&英语沟通和寫作能力


  • 至少擁有 SPM/O-level 或金融和投資知識


  • 有耐心和同理心者和經驗者會將被優先考慮

  • 熟悉使用Google drive & Google sheet

  • 有工作经验当中有销售经验的会更加分

  • 有金融和投資知識会更加分

Pre-Sale Customer Support - English

  • Reply questions of student by email, WhatsApp, messenger or phone.

  • Organize the data and classify the reports into different categories for management reference.

  • To establish good communication with customers and consult about the course registration and express the value of the course.

  • Help to solve the problems before the course starts, answer the questions of customers, realize the importance of learning, and increase the enrollment of students.

  • Good interaction with Spark Liang fans.

  • Solve the payment problems encountered in the process of enrollment and improve the registration payment rate of students.

  • Review the Facebook group members and upcoming posts.

  • Able to handle a lot of message with accurate and fast typing 

  • Must have very good Chinese and English communication and writing skills

  • At least SPM / O-level or finance and investment knowledge

  • Patience and empathy and experience will be given priority

  • Familiar with Google drive and Google sheet

  • Those who have working experience and sales experience will more preferred

  • Knowledge of Finance and investment will more preferred

Design / Media Business & Video Production


  • 設定社交媒體平台以及網站整體符合品牌的視覺風格,負責從構思概念到最終整體設計方案的輸出;

  • 與營銷團隊密切配合,設計超吸睛且具有品牌風格的社交媒體平台及網站內容,包括了banner、thumbnail、infographic、carousel等等;

  • 根據時事動態以及媒體趨勢,向營銷團隊提出內容創作建議;

  • 負責形象創作以及周邊產品創意與開發設計、產品設計、插畫等等;

  • 進行日常設計經驗及學習的交流分享,共同提高團隊的設計能力。

  • 擁有1年或以上的平面设计與相關經驗;

  • 熟悉設計軟件,如Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop, After Effect;

  • 具備紮實的美術功底以及優越的審美觀;

  • 擁有豐富的想像力,能夠把抽象概念轉化成有視覺感的畫面;

  • 創造性強、執行能力優異;

  • 善於溝通、具備高度責任心、工作態度認真、積極主動;

  • 通曉中文;

  • 具備較好的電腦手繪能力,能夠快速適應且掌握不同風格者為優先考量;

  • 加分項:動畫製作

Media Business Development Manager

  • Bring Sales to company.

  • Developing and managing strategic plan of action to grow business.

  • Build & Manage a team to execute plan of action.

  • Developing goals for the development team and business growth and ensuring they are met.

  • Presenting business or marketing opportunities to company executives and management.

  • Building solid relationships with customers.

  • Developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings to identify profitable business opportunities.

  • Directing marketing efforts by presenting market research to marketing directors and suggesting strategies to expand market research.

  • Assessing marketing and sales as well as supplier and vendor operations and recommending improvements as needed.

  • Preparing all documentation required for requests for proposals.

  • Experience in media sales and marketing.

  • Experience with Finance related Brand Owner.

  • Strong communication skills and IT fluency.

  • Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty.

  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

  • Comfortable using a computer for various tasks

內容創作者 Content Creator

  • 策劃與撰寫影片主題內容
  • 追蹤與分析Youtube演算法
  • 撰寫影片文案與Youtube SEO
  • 確保Youtube頻道的流量持續在增長
  • 具有基本的財商知識
  • 懂得創作具有創意、互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容
  • 具有良好的寫稿能力
  • 擁有良好的溝通與協調能力
  • 追蹤、分析及整理YouTube頻道數據,懂的Youtube經營方式者为佳

製作人 Producer cum Director

  • 能獨立完成視頻前期中期後期制作影片工作,包括前期的組稿選題、材料收集、稿件撰寫等工作;拍攝,視頻剪輯、元素設計、添加片頭、片尾、字幕等;
  • 能創作視頻腳本,能根據腳本構思分鏡,協調與溝通,主導視頻制作過程中的各相關環節;
  • 能尋找素材創意點,完成短視頻的剪輯、調色、聲音處理、字幕特效合成等,保證成片質量並上傳;
  • 負責Youtube頻道的營運與管理
  • 策劃與撰寫影片主題內容
  • 需要與各部分協調拍攝事項
  • 需要跟剪輯師協調影片呈現方式
  • 追蹤與分析Youtube演算法
  • 撰寫影片文案與Youtube SEO
  • 確保Youtube頻道的流量持續在增長
  • 具有基本的財商知識
  • 熱愛製作Youtube影片
  • 懂得創作具有創意、互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容
  • 具有導演思維
  • 具有良好的寫稿能力
  • 擁有良好的溝通與協調能力
  • 追蹤、分析及整理YouTube頻道數據,懂的Youtube經營方式者为佳

媒體實習生 Media Intern

  • 協助團隊進行日常的拍攝和剪輯工作
  • 協助團隊撰寫互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容
  • 協助團隊追蹤、分析及整理YouTube頻道數據
  • 懂得創作具有創意、互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容
  • 具有良好的寫稿能力
  • 有興趣學習經營Youtube

  • 熟悉Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro
  • 懂得基本的Adobe After Effect、Photoshop
  • 懂得基本拍攝器材操作

媒體團隊 - 社交媒體營運專員

  • 根據公司的年度目標,制定社交媒體運營的目標拆解、經營策略、任務分工及運營節奏
  • 負責新媒體及網絡推廣渠道的策劃、包裝、運營和維護,提升用戶的或閱讀,增加粉絲的數量和黏性
  • 搜索及分析競爭對手的社交媒體內容,對現有社交媒體經營策略進行優化
  • 追蹤最新財經新聞,撰寫時事性的投資理財內容
  • 產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容(文案、圖片或影片格式)
  • 追蹤、分析及整理價值思維的社交媒體平台數據,完成各項關鍵指標
  • 活躍於社交媒體,如:Facebook、Instagram、TikTok、小紅書等等
  • 對社交媒體經營抱有熱忱,積極學習相關領域的知識及樂於分享所學
  • 語文能力佳,遣詞用字、敘事邏輯精準到位
  • 個性主動積極樂觀,具責任感、細心、配合度高
  • 具備良好的溝通及團隊合作能力
  • 自我管理能力佳,能精確掌握專案進度時間
  • 資料彙整能力佳
  • 熟悉Canva操作者為優先考量

內容實習生 Content Intern

  • 根據關鍵字組合,撰寫優質的投資理財、個人成長及職業規劃文章
  • 產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的社交媒體文章
  • 協助團隊產出產出優質的lead magnets,如:電子書、清單等等
  • 協助團隊追蹤、分析及整理網站數據
  • 對內容創作抱有熱忱,積極學習相關領域知識及樂於分享所學!
  • 語文能力佳,遣詞用字、敘事邏輯精準到位!
  • 個性主動積極樂觀,具責任感、細心、配合度高!
  • 具備良好的溝通及團隊合作能力!
  • 自我管理能力佳,能精確掌握專案進度時間!
  • 資料彙整能力佳
  • 熟悉WordPress操作者為優先考量
  • 對搜索引擎排名因素和搜索引擎算法有基本的了解

媒體團隊 - 社交媒體運營實習生

  • 協助團隊管理社交媒體平台
  • 協助團隊追蹤最新財經新聞,撰寫時事性內容
  • 產出互動性高、具有高度傳播性的內容(文案、圖片或影片格式)
  • 協助團隊追蹤、分析及整理社交媒體平台數據
  • 活躍於社交媒體,如:Facebook、Instagram、TikTok、小紅書等等
  • 對社交媒體經營抱有熱忱,積極學習相關領域的知識及樂於分享所學
  • 語文能力佳,遣詞用字、敘事邏輯精準到位
  • 個性主動積極樂觀,具責任感、細心、配合度高
  • 具備良好的溝通及團隊合作能力
  • 自我管理能力佳,能精確掌握專案進度時間
  • 資料彙整能力佳
  • 熟悉Canva操作者為優先考量


Senior Account Executive

  • Managing and handling full set of companies accounts.

  • Responsible in the month end closing including accounts payable, accounts receivable and all other necessary accruals, reversal and payable.

  • Managing receivables, payable as well monitoring receivable aging listing.

  • Bank reconciliation and inter-company balance reconciliation.

  • Managing and updating accounting data entry, records and journal transactions posting in accounting systems.

  • Preparing the weekly profit and loss account report to management with accuracy.

  • Handle daily financial matters, company’s cash flow, operations and activities of the finance accounts and admin department.

  • Prepare and manage fixed assets and depreciation listing.

  • Perform and handle monthly payroll system.

  • Monthly Statutory, staff tax returns online submission and yearly EA form.

  • Preparation audit and tax schedules and planning including monthly tax return submission.

  • Liaise with auditors, tax agent, company secretary, legal consultant, regulatory authorities and other related parties to ensure compliance with matters relating to audit, tax and statutory requirements.

  • Handle and manage for fund transfers and other related matters.

  • Prepare for audit reviews, schedules and handling all audit enquiries.

  • Check, review and to ensure all accounting and financial transactions records, procedures and system comply with company’s policies, accounting standard procedures and related statutory and tax requirements.

  • Check and to ensure accuracy, completeness, timeliness and integrity process of all financial data, maintain company documents and records systematically and properly.

  • Candidate at least have 4 years or more experience in full set account and payroll (MFRS and tax knowledge experience will be priority).

  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting field or Professional certificate with MIA membership.

  • Experience in handles multi company’s full set account & reconciliation account (if any).

  • Able to handle multi-tasks and any other ad-hoc task upon request from Supervisor.

  • Able to solve problems and work with initiative.

  • Must have a passion for finance.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin and English.

  • Good understanding of the latest financial trends and analysis techniques.

  • Performs AR/AP/GL operational day to day activities and ensures account are up-to-date at all times.

  • Assist in daily administrative work and other assignments.

Account Clerk

  • To handle daily clerical work in the department.

  • Full set account knowledge.

  • Proven accounting experience, preferably as an Accounts clerk.

  • Familiarity with bookkeeping and basic accounting procedures.

  • Competency in MS Office, databases and accounting software (Autocount).

  • Hands-on experience with spreadsheets and financial reports.

  • Minimum Diploma or STPM/SPM leavers with or without working experience are encouraged to apply.

  • Computer literate with proficiency in Microsoft Excel applications.

  • Self-starter and able to work independently.

  • Immediate start.

HR Executive

  • Responsible to ensure all the company’s policies, procedures and rules and regulations are follows by the employees.
  • Handle and advise management on staff staff are developed in line with company’s
  • Lead Company to liaise with government statutory bodies for labour legal and
    administrative requirements.
  • Handle and prepare all necessary letter related to employment requirement.
  • Develop and carry out an efficient documentation
    and filling system.
  • And other ad-hoc duties as when assigned.
  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate.
  • Minimum 2-4 years working experience in related field.
  • High level verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good command of written and spoken Mandarin and English
  • Strong knowledge in Employment Act, Malaysia Labour Law and other related legislation.
  • Able to learn new knowledge and work independently.
  • Responsible, Positive working attitude and self-motivated.

Talent Acquisition Executive

  • Able to articulate well on company future direction and partner with hiring managers in providing solutions and selecting the “right type” of talents that have great impact towards the overall business.

  • Perform sourcing activities to fill open positions via job boards, employee referrals, local advertising, social networks, in field events and etc.

  • Manage all parts of the recruiting and interviewing process including screening, skills assessments, and interviews.

  • Consult candidate on company benefits, salary & working environment.

  • Take initiative to up-skill and learn/research future trends in staffing industry.

  • Support the implementation of cultures that drive employee engagement to improve individual and organizational performance.

  • Ensure adherence to all legal compliance requirements in all recruiting and hiring processes.

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR or related field is preferred.

  • 2 – 4 years of talent acquisition experience fast growing environment.

  • Mandarin written and oral communication skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills.

  • Well-developed applicant screening and behavioural interviewing skills.

  • Proven experience working in a start-up environment.

Senior Web Developer

  • Write, modify, troubleshoot, debug and enhance software for website

  • Write code to generate web pages, access database and business logic servers

  • Work with designers and content producers to convert design to appealing visual element

  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications

  • Evaluate and adopt new technologies for company or team efficiency improvement

  • Provide technical advice and recommendations for software solutions and practices

  • Maintain quality, efficiency and responsiveness of applications

  • Implement security and data protection settings

  • Write effective APIs

  • Write technical documentation

  • To build up Tech department

  • To complete task within stipulated time

  • Participate in deployment system including user requirement scoping, design, coding, testing and implementation

  • At least Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • At least 3 years of experience in both front-end and back-end development as a Web Developer

  • At least 1 year of experience in leading a team

  • Familiarity with WordPress would be a plus point

  • Experienced with front-end languages including Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Experienced with multiple back-end languages and frameworks including PHP, Angular, React, Node.js

  • Proven experience in web design, web development, object-oriented design patterns

  • Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Apache) and UI/UX design


  • 為了你,我們可以安排

  • 積極的態度,肯學習,肯吃苦

  • 請在cover letter上寫下你那麽強烈想加入我們的理由,還有你可以貢獻的是什麽部分。